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Renting a car is a wiser decision than choosing to travel in local transport or using your car while on a road trip. We can pinpoint hundreds of reasons why you should hire a car in Menorca or any other tourist place. Apart from wearing down your own car, renting a car or bike from a local rental service company will save your effort, time, and money in booking and repair and maintenance.


Car hire is becoming quite the popular choice of transport in Spain for the comfort, safety, luxury, and ease it provides to travelers.

So, whether you are tripping with your friends, honeymooning, exploring the city for new business opportunities, or simply chilling with family, here are a few reasons why you should car rental Menorca

Rent a Car Mahon Airport and Drive Around

Mahon airport will help you manage luggage, kids, and older members when you are traveling with a huge family. You can use the car as your own, leave additional stuff, such as baby gears, strollers, etc. inside the car itself without carrying them around as you do with local taxis.


Wear and Tear of Your Own Car

Driving your car for long road trips will only increase its mileage, wear it down further, and reduce its value during resale. This could also lead to expensive repair and maintenance. There’s also the fear of breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. While you can avoid all of this with car rentals.

Have Fun with Your Folks

Rent a car Menorca for several days without having to worry about finding local transport. Book a car and take turns in driving, stop wherever you want, do whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like. You can take the rented car to places where local transport, such as call taxis and buses don’t reach.

Save Money

Binicars offers rent a car Menorca and car hire menorca and also rental services at a huge discount. They have a huge fleet of small-sized to SUV cars with different pick and drop locations. You can hire car at the airport or pick it from their head office at Calan Porter. You can rent a high mileage providing, safe car and get the feel of driving your own vehicle. You can also purchase protection products from the rental company to increase your road safety.

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