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We have noticed that many of you have asked for the best tips to rent a car in Menorca, Spain. Spain is a beautiful destination with a lot of adventurous spirits, which every traveler dreams of visiting once in their lifetime.


Despite the pandemic, traveling to Menorca hasn’t decreased. People have grown more cautious with the rentacar service in Menorca and the rest of Spain.

Therefore, we have put together a few points that will simplify your car hire from Menorca airport.

As of now, the best way to rent a car in Mahon airport is by booking your rental car well in advance, probably at the same time you book your flight tickets. This will give you enough time to do some research on the rental car company.

Binicars is an established car rental company in Menorca, Spain, that allows car rentals from Mahon airport and also provides rental scooters for solo travelers. The company is wellmaintained, hygienic and caters to all WHO norms for social distancing and sanitization. The cars and scooters are washed every day and fumigated from the inside out to ensure their customers’ highest safety.


Few things you need to know about car hire in Menorca:

  • Most of the cars have manual gear shifts
  • You must be at least 23 - 25 years old to rent a car on the island ( check with each company)
  • If you insist on driving an automatic car, you will have to pay extra charges
  • Most rental car service providers are insured and you will be too. You won’t have to provide extra for small bumps and scratches
  • Look for the insurance coverage and fuel policy before you rent the car
  • Do not pay for fuel in advance, unless you are sure of using up the entire tank
  • Pay close attention to the following and cross-check if something isn’t clear: fuel, safety and hygiene, additional driver, masks and sanitizer, reservation and cancellation terms, theft protection, emergency roadside assistance and permits for international drivers
  • Whilst you can drive in Menorca if you own an EU driving license, it is recommended you obtain the international driving permit to be on the safe side, even if the rental company doesn’t ask for it
  • There are different rules for different age groups. Do find this out before hiring from the company
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