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Tips for Traveling Long Distance with Kids

Are you planning on renting a car in Menorca? Traveling by car is fun – the bigger the group, the merrier. But when you have children on board, it could get  a bit challenging, particularly when the journey is long. But don’t worry, we have a few smart tips that will make traveling with kids a breeze. 

An ideal way to get  the most out of your holiday is traveling by car and choosing the right rental car service in Menorca. Car rentals in Menorca offer a better solution than traveling by local transport with kids. If you are looking for an affordable company, rent a car at Mahon airport from Binicars and unwind in mystique Menorca with your children. 


Plan Your Trip with Maximum Breaks

Don’t drive too far in one day – ensure you give your kids a break from the car seats every few hours (this is easy in Menorca as everywhere is close by). If you are traveling with infants and toddlers, you may have to stop for a nappy change or feed on your journey, so leave prepared from your accommodation with nappies, water, food etc.


Time Your Travel Plans Based on Baby’s Schedules

Plan your drive time when your baby is due a nap. Hopefully this way your baby will fall asleep in the back of the car, letting you reach your destination before he or she wakes up again.


Rent a larger car if you need child seats

Rent a bigger car so you have plenty of space for child seats. Also, we suggest you take time packing your vehicle – ensure essentials are at arm’s reach, water, wipes etc. Make sure the vehicle’s boot is large enough for your baby’s buggy and also the luggage if you are picking or dropping the rent a car at Mahon Airport. Buy a traveling organizer bag to pack nappies, bibs, wipes, creams, nappy bags etc.


Plan to take food

Babies and children can get a bit restless when they are hungry. Make sure you have enough supplies that last the entire road trip. Carry a thermo with hot water for formula milk, finger foods to keep them happy and other treats to make the journey fun. 


Keep entertained 

If you’re a couple traveling with your baby, make sure one sits in the back of the car to keep him or her entertained, while you drive to visit the many places the island of Menorca has to offer.


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