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Snorkeling in Menorca is a major tourist attraction. It is a fun and rewarding activity that doesn't require diving & swimming skills or any certification course. It also doesn't need you to haul heavy equipment. 

Even if you cannot swim, you can have a fantastic snorkeling experience in many areas. In this blog, you will find snorkeling tips for non-swimmers shared by the best snorkeling guides and expert scuba divers who visit us for car rental in Menorca

Being in the Menorca car hire business for several years, we have made friends with the cream of snorkelers, divers, and swimmers from around the world. They frequently rent a car at Menorca airport through our website.

Fortunately, few of them shared great ideas on how non-swimmers can snorkel without fear in the oceans.


How Non-Swimmers Can Snorkel in Menorca – Expert Tips   

Snorkeling is a surface water activity that mainly involves floating and very little swimming. Many non-swimmers snorkel in the clear waters of Menorca's beaches all the time. And if you are one among them, all you need to know is the basic technique and be comfortable in the waters. 


Choose a Non-Swimmer-Friendly Snorkeling Spot

Menorca has several snorkeling beaches for non-swimmers. We suggest choosing a shallow bay, such as Cala Macarella or Cala Morell. Rent a car at Menorca from our fleet and find a suitable location with the following tips.

  • Locate a beach with calm waters – it will give you clear underwater visibility and decrease your chances of encountering waves and other issues, such as equipment flooding and uneven entry or exit. 
  • Choose a spot with low currents. It will allow you to stay at your entry point without constantly fighting for water flow. 
  • Make sure there are no entanglement problems or dangerous marine animals below.


Snorkeling from the Beach vs. boats

You might also have to decide whether you will snorkel from the beach or the boat.

Our expert friends recommend that non-swimmers and first-time snorkelers stay closer to the shallow waters than go on a boat. 

This is because staying on the beach will give you control over your activity. You can stand up whenever you want, practice your gear before entering, and gradually venture into the deep waters after gaining confidence. 

Many of Menorca’s beaches have reefs right on the shores, allowing snorkelers plenty of marine life to explore in the shallow waters. 

On the other hand, boat snorkeling is an excellent option when it comes to choosing a great spot for exploring marine life. Plus, an experienced instructor will be with you to provide guidance at each step. 

Many tour operators in Menorca offer special trips for beginners and non-swimmers, where coaches will teach the basics on shallow waters, including techniques, getting comfortable with water, and using the gear, and then take you on the boating excursion. 

However, snorkeling by boat isn't for people who are scared of deep waters as it won't give you the luxury to test and try waters before you snorkel. 


Focus on Good Quality Gears 

If you wear loose-fitting, low-quality shoes, you won't be able to run for long. Similarly, poor-quality snorkeling gear that doesn't fit will be problematic – your gear may come off when you are in the waters, cloud your eyes, or leave you breathless.  

Even though snorkeling requires minimum gear, such as a mask, fins, and a snorkel, they must be of the best quality and quite fitting. As a non-swimmer beginner, you must also get a floatation device. 

Like our car hire, Menorca has plenty to offer when it comes to snorkels – you can rent gear or buy your own. 

Trying the gear in a swimming pool or a shallow spot on the beach will help you to control the pressure force and your breathing and check if the mask and fins fit properly. 

Choose a dry snorkel with a purge tube that prevents water from getting into the tube, even when fully underwater. 

Get the sizing right for the fins; they should offer a snug fit around your feet. The blades should be flexible, light, and short. 

The head mask should have a high-quality silicone skirt for a good seal, quick-adjustable buckles, and comfortable head straps. 

As many recommend full masks for beginners due to their comfort level, we suggest being cautious when choosing full masks because they can build up carbon dioxide and be challenging to remove. 


Don't Snorkel Alone on Beaches

Practicing in a swimming pool differs from snorkeling in Menorca's real beach waters. Even though snorkeling is safe, you are still in the ocean. You are exposed to many things like sharp reefs, wildlife, strong currents, and wind. 

For this reason, no one should snorkel or swim alone in the ocean, regardless of their strong swimming skills. And as a non-swimmer and snorkeling beginner, it is best you follow the rules, stay with someone experienced or be in the vicinity of the group. 

Anything can happen during the excursion. You could get leg cramps, become fatigued to continue, or lose a gear. Having people around will ensure you receive aid immediately. 


Other Tips from Our Friendly Experts 

  • Travel with a buddy to the beach always. And don't forget to use our car hire in Menorca to get to the beach. In an emergency, you can always return to your hotel quickly. 
  • Ensure lifeguards are around and the place is moderately crowded for safety reasons.
  • Choose a sandy part of the beach or a sandy beach for easy entry. 
  • Wear a floating device for safety. You can choose between vests, life jackets, ski belts, swim buoys, and pool floats.
  • Stay calm and composed, and be aware of your surroundings. 


Hope these tips from our experts ease out your first snorkeling experience in Menorca. 

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