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Mahon is the beautiful capital city of Menorca that offers the best shopping, food & beverage, accommodation, sightseeing, plus scooter & car rental in Menorca. In addition, it provides charming views of the Mediterranean sea due to its location near the world's second-largest natural harbour.
Mahon is a beautiful historic Spanish city that has a lot to offer travelers. To roam around the city, you can either rent a car at Menorca's airport or take a walk.
Let's see the top things to do in Mahon.

Visit the Natural Harbor
Boat tours are always exciting, but when visiting the world's second-largest natural harbor, the excitement doubles. Mahon's boat tour (glass and wood bottom boats available) of the natural Harbour, is one of the best sea experiences you'll have.

Enjoy a Train ride on the Mahon Express
Mahon Express is a classic red train that takes you through some of the significant places in Mahon during a one-hour journey. The train starts from Plaça des'Esplanada and travels around Mahon city. It is a cheap way to enjoy the views of Mahon, where you have the option to hop on and off at any key point during the journey. It is perfect for children and adults with walking difficulties.

Teatro Principal de Mahon – one of Spain's Oldest Opera House
A little sneak peek at the striking interiors is all you need to fall in love with this beautiful theatre, established in 1829. Even if you don't love operas, the place will mesmerize you .

Savor the Best of Menorcan Food
Food is an integral part of any trip.. Mahon won't disappoint you. Choose a cheap car hire service in Menorca and hop from one café to another lined across the harbour. From mouth-watering seafood dishes, like the legendary Lobster stew, to fine dining and wine, Mahon has it all. However, if you want the best waterfront view, we suggest booking a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the harbour. There are many to choose from.

Stock Up Your Shopping Bags with Local Gastronomy
Did you know that Mayonnaise was invented on this very island? Yes, from lip-smacking mayonnaise to exotic seafood to remarkable gin, Mahon holds some great food legacies. In addition, the island is home to several types of local cheeses, foods, beverages and other gastronomical delights that change seasonally.
Mahon market bustles with local shops selling authentic Spanish snacks, savouries and seafood. The market turns merry during the night, as the shop sellers set up hot seafood counters, serving fried prawns, lobsters and a variety of drinks.
Also, you can buy fresh veggies, seafood and meat early in the morning in Menorca. Use a car hire service to travel from one point to another.

Explore Xoriguer Gin Distillery
Xoriguer Gin is Menorca’s speciality that is not available or replicated in any other part of the world. It is also one of the prized commodities on the Island. Xoriguer Gin was invented in the 18th century during the British invasion when the locals craved a good drink. Mahon people infused homegrown juniper berries in alcohol to make the gin.
On your distillery tour, you can view the primary copper stills, sample the gin and even purchase it. You can use our car hire service in Menorca to reach the Xoriguer Gin Distillery.

Shop for Your Perfect Shoe
Shoemaking is a beautiful tradition in Menorca, one of their prized handicrafts. So when you visit Mahon, don’t forget to buy yourself a pair of Avarcas or Menorquinas, the popular handmade footwear. Formerly designed to keep the feet cool and warm, these shoes are a century-old tradition worn by the locals.
There are plenty of shops in Mahon that sell sandals in hundreds of colours. You can buy them ready-made or get a pair customized for you.

Visit the Local Museum
The Museum of Menorca was established in the 17th century. You will find it in the cobbled stones of the old city of Mao. The place showcases the beautiful history of Menorca, including fascinating trade and commerce insights, ancient art, culture and even contemporary industries.

These are just a few things you can do in Mahon when visiting Menorca. The airport of Menorca is located 3 Kms (5 mins) from Mahon capital. So, no matter what your plans are, you will definitely come through Mahon. You can choose a car hire service at Menorca's airport. Book it online or give us a call.

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