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Menorca is an unsung gem among the Balearic Islands known for its untouched beaches, charming villages and deep-rooted cultural heritage. In comparison to its popular sisters Mallorca and Ibiza however, Menorca exhibits a different side of the Mediterranean. Here, we are going to explore the top 5 must-visit places in Menorca, highlighting the island's most captivating attractions and providing insider tips for an unforgettable journey. 

Top 5 Places to Visit in Menorca

1. Ciutadella de Menorca

Historical Significance: Ciutadella de Menorca, the former capital of the island, is filled with past happenings and has some impressive architectural marvels. The narrow winding streets and age-old structures in its old town bear witness to Menorca's glorious history.

Key Attractions: you should see the awesome Cathedral of Menorca with its awe-inspiring Plaça des Born that is sophisticated bound by peace walls with gates. Harbor side provides fishermen who risk their lives each day catching fish which they sell at brisk street markets.

Things to Do: If you would like to explore the city on foot, or maybe even rent a bike, Menorca is the perfect place where you can walk leisurely through its historic streets, dropping in to local markets and shops for some artisanal crafts, not forgetting though indulging in delicious seafood served by the waterfront restaurants and stalls.

2. Mahón (Maó)

Capital City Highlights: Mahón is the energetic capital of Menorca and is known for having an exceptional natural harbor which is among the biggest anywhere on earth. Since it boasts a rich maritime heritage that has blended with cultural practices over time, the result is an interesting mix between old world charm and those things associated with today’s lifestyle.

Key Attractions: wonder at the breathtaking vistas of Mahón Harbor, delve into the island's past at the Museum of Menorca, and explore the impressive Fort Marlborough, a evidence to Menorca's strategic significance.

Things to Do: On a boat tour that allow visitors to find hidden beaches and to rent a scooter for fun filled walks on the curving streets of the town, or do so while on holiday. You can engage in shopping at busy markets and taste the delicious Menorcan traditional dishes from beautiful cafes to be able to experience their way of life.

3. Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta

Natural Beauty: Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta are two of Menorca's most peaceful beaches, famous for their blue crystal clear waters and spotless sands. Stuck within rough cliffs and rich vegetation, these hidden inlets provide a bit of heaven on earth.

Activities: Dive into the clear waters for a refreshing swim, relax in the Mediterranean glow of the soft sandy shores, or explore the underwater world using diving gear while some might also opt for hiking along the scenic trails connecting the two beaches, to marvel at the breathtaking coastal views.

Tips for Visitors: If you want to avoid crowds, go there early morning hours / late evenings. Easier access is provided through clearly defined trails leading on foot to all two coastal areas; alternatively you can opt for scooter rental in Menorca which makes getting across much faster to these far-off place.

4. Binibeca Vell

Charming Village: Binibeca Vell is a charming old-world fishing village with its whitewashed houses, narrow cobblestone streets and peacefulness. You will feel like you are walking back in time as you move through its enchanting maze of alleyways.

Key Attractions: The traditional houses have a cute architecture which is admirable and there are narrow streets covered in blooming bougainvillea that you can walk while at the same time looking at the coastal views in different directions.

Things to Do: Discover the village walking slowly or rent a bike in Menorca and go cycling around the beautiful streets. Enjoy seafood delights at restaurants along the sea with blue waters around them or simply take pleasure in the peacefulness of this endless abode.

5. Monte Toro

Highest Point in Menorca: The highest peak on the island is Monte Toro, 358 meters above the sea level. It offers panoramic views of Menorca’s stunning landscapes. Crowned by the sanctuary of the Virgin of Monte Toro, this sacred site holds special significance for locals and visitors alike.

Key Attractions: A person should head on to the sanctuary to be amazed by such fancy architecture as well as religious objects as well as not absent themselves from this place without viewing the well-known statue of Jesus Christ that has been positioned as though watching over Tenerife. Ascend to top in order that you can enjoy the panoramic view of rolling hills covering Menorca and part of its coast with blue water below you.

Things to Do: go on a beautiful road or go for a scenic walk on- Monte Toro´s peak for an experience that will live with you for the rest of your life take incredible pictures of the surrounding landscape in an area where sacredness reigns supreme


There are many captivating destinations in Menorca waiting to be explored, from the historic charm of Ciutadella de Menorca to the natural beauty of Cala Macarella and the cultural allure of Mahón. Discover the magic of Menorca by going to these best 5 places and experiencing the rich history, natural beauty and lively culture of the island. Whether you are walking through old towns or relaxing in unspoiled sands, Menorca guarantees an unforgettable tour.

  1. Binibeca Vell

Rent a Car at Menorca Airport

Are you planning a trip to Menorca? One of the most convenient ways to explore this beautiful Balearic Island is by renting a car at Menorca airport. Here we will look at all you need to know about renting a car in Menorca airport such as advice, pros and why it is a good idea for tourists. Whether you are going to the lovely village of Calan Porter or visiting other spots unknown to many people, at least you have an idea of what to expect.

Once you land at Menorca Airport, an adventurous experience awaits you. For anyone looking to maximize their time on the island, renting a car is one of the best options to consider. Things to keep in mind while renting a car from Menorca Airport; this guide will provide useful information and tips.

Benefits of Renting a Car

Driving in a hire car in Menorca is a great way to achieve a comfort level that is hard to achieve anywhere else at the same time as attaining privacy. When using a hired car, the travelers be it alone or in a couple or even with family will have their own space for this special moment. Surprise Mini delights in Menorca are abundant places that are always off the beaten track. The car makes the different isolated beaches, quiet hamlets and beautiful spots that are hard to find using the public transport of Menorca.

Top Destinations to Visit

  1. Mahón
    The capital city combines historical and cultural heritage with a lively nightlife. Do yourself a favor by not overlooking the stunning port as well as the vibrant markets.
  2. Ciutadella
    When you talk about Ciutadella, it’s all about those ancient lanes, buildings and such like. Atleast tour around the native restaurants to test their meals if nothing else appeals.

Driving Tips for Menorca

  1. Road Rules
    Familiarize yourself with the local road rules and it is still advisable to go through them again.
  2. Parking Tips
    Parking can be challenging in various places meaning you have to be very careful when it comes to it. To prevent being fined, please only use specified parking lots and never park on prohibited grounds."

Car Hire in Calan Porter

Calan Porter is a tourist attraction area famous for its beautiful beach and great nightlife. As a result, if you rent a car, you will comfortably have a look on this lovely village and its environs.

Nearby Attractions

With your hired car in Calan Porter, get to the Cova d’en Xoroi among other places within few minutes.”

Returning Your Rental Car

  1. Refueling
    The fuel policy you need to follow is important to know when you want to get your rented car refueled. When returning a car to any rental service provider, expect them always to ask for a refuel on the vehicle. This is done to prevent the company that rented it out from charging more money from their clients.
  2. Inspection
    When you bring it back, allow some time for inspection before it gets parked. There must be no additional dents on it as well as each accessory and document should be given back too.


One way to visit the island easily and with flexibility is to hire a car in Menorca Airport which is great. A car for hire can make your travel experience even more rewarding than it would have been before by allowing you move around Menorca more freely thus making it possible for you see attractions that are not known by many people living outside the region. Just ensure that the advice are taken into consideration if you are planning on vacationing in Calan Porter as well as any other magnificent places in this region.

Considering a trip to Menorca and planning to explore the island on Bike? Then, perhaps renting a bike could serve as a wonderful method for taking in the charming Mediterranean beauty of this place. Regardless of whether you are just starting or an expert at riding, renting a bike in Menorca provides you with absolute freedom, flexibility, and an adventure to remember always. Let’s take a look at all that you should remember before renting out a bike.

Renting a Bike in Menorca:

  1. Select the most appropriate company for bike rental in Menorca, take a look at different bike rental companies in Menorca. Selecting bike rental companies with a variety of bikes and who have been approved by customers is important. Choose a company considering the quality of bikes, cost of hiring, and customer care among other elements or choose a company according to bike standard, rental charges, insurance policies and clients’ service among others.
  2. Choosing your Bike: After selecting a rental store, choose one that meets all of your requirements. Options include standard bikes, electric bikes and motorcycles in Minorca. You might want to rent a 125cc bike when exploring various landscapes of Minorca if you are into high speeds or power.
  3. Book early for the bike rental; it’s better this way during peak tourist seasons to avoid unavailability. Online booking or on phone is an option allowed for by majority rental companies hence its speedy nature.
  4. Carefully read rental terms and conditions before you complete your booking. Rental duration, pricing, insurance coverage, security deposit requirements, and cancellation policies are some of the details that need to be looked into.
  5. Get the needed papers ready. During the collection of your rented bike, you should be ready to give authentic identification for instance either a driver’s license or passport. There are some rental firms that might need some form of assurance that is shown by a security fee that would be reimbursed back after you have brought back the bike in one piece.
  6. Before starting your journey, inspect the rented bike properly for any prevailing damage or mechanical problems. Inform the rental company of any scrape, dent or failure so that you do not get blamed for having caused damage before.
  7. Plan Your Routes: Learn Menorca’s driving regulations and Pathways before going on your bike rental in Menorca adventure. Plan ahead by choosing the most scenic coastal roads, charming villages, and must-see locations.
  8. Be aware of other road users, such as drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, whether they are moving or stationary. Even more importantly, follow traffic rules at all times. Always pay attention to what is going on around you as you cycle through Menorca. If it is exciting for you to ride in Menorca by bicycle, just note that your security should come first. Have appropriate clothing like helmets always put on whenever exploring Menorca by bike.
  9. Have fun: when you start moving on the road, make sure to enjoy the stunningly beautiful landscapes, calm beaches and picturesque villages that always delight in Menorca. Be stopping many times in order to take some pictures, taste what is special about local cooking of that area, practice its culture as well as history thoroughly.
  10. Do not be late returning the bike once your rental period has gone; it should be brought back at exactly that moment as well as in the same state it was given to you. Complete all commitments and give rented items and a bike.

When you follow these instructions, you will drive through the island at your own schedule, and through this, get lifelong remembrances about Menorca. In case you prefer going along the shores or moving around calm settlements; through giving out bikes; one can uncover lots about adventures and explorations in Menorca.

Binicars stands out as one of the best options for car hire services in Menorca, setting its position as the main provider within the area. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Binicars offers a wide range of vehicles to satisfy the numerous wishes of travelers traveling to Menorca.

Let's discuss why Binicars is the ultimate choice for Car / Scooter Hire in Menorca :

Rent a Car in Calan Porter: Binicars offers convenient access to reliable and reasonable car rental services for tourists exploring the island. Whether you're planning a comfortable drive along the scenic coastline or venturing into the island's fascinating towns and villages, Binicars has the ideal car to enhance your travel experience.

Scooter Rental in Calan Porter: For the ones searching for an extra gutsy method for finding Menorca, Binicars moreover gives scooter rental contributions in Calan Porter. Enjoy in the island's winding streets and find hidden gemstones with the freedom and flexibility that a scooter gives. With Binicars, you can without trouble rent a scooter and go on a remarkable experience around Menorca.

Menorca Car HireWith Binicars, renting a car or scooter in Menorca is a pressure free experience. Binicars has a variety of vehicles, including small cars, SUVs, and convertibles, guaranteeing that you find the right option for your travel desires. Whether you are visiting solo, with your own family, or in a group, we have the right vehicle to fulfill your requirements.

Car Hire at Menorca Airport: Arriving at Menorca Airport? Binicars offers convenient car hire services directly at the airport, allowing you to seamlessly move from your flight to exploring the island. Skip the hassle of trying to find transportation upon arrival and start your Menorca journey right away with a rental car from Binicars.

Now let's discuss the benefits of choosing Binicars :

  1. Extensive Fleet: Binicars have a diverse fleet of nicely maintained vehicles, ensuring that you find the ideal car or scooter for your ride to Menorca.
  2. Competitive Prices: We offer competitive rental costs without compromising on quality, permitting you to enjoy less expensive transportation alternatives during your stay in Menorca.
  3. Convenient Locations: With multiple rental locations across Menorca, which includes Calan Porter and Menorca Airport, Binicars gives convenient access to rental vehicles wherever you are on the island.
  4. Exceptional Customer Service: Our dedicated team is devoted to providing superb customer support, supporting you with any inquiries or requests to ensure a smooth and enjoyable rental experience.
  5. Flexible Booking Options: Whether you need a car for an afternoon, every week, or longer, Binicars offers flexible booking alternatives to suit your tour itinerary. Reserve your car online or contact us directly to set up your rental.

Explore Menorca with Binicars: From seashores and historical landmarks to fascinating villages and scenic drives, Menorca gives endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. With Binicars as your trusted car hire provider, you may experience all that the island has to provide at your very own pace and convenience.

Whether you are making plans for a relaxing seaside outing or a movement-packed adventure, Binicars is here to make your Menorca experience unforgettable. Book your car or scooter today and embark on the adventure of an entire life with Binicars, the undisputed leader in car hire in Menorca.

Planning a trip, to Menorca island? Whether you're looking forward to relaxing on beaches exploring appealing villages or admiring the landscapes having the flexibility to discover at your own pace is essential. Binicars Menorca Car Hire Service provides you with a way to explore from the minute you arrive at Menorca Airport. Lets delve into how it all works and ensure your car rental experience is amazing.

Renting a Car at Menorca Airport;

Image yourself landing at Mahon Airport eager to begin your adventure in Menorca. Here's how Binicars simplifies the car rental process;

  1. Visit Binicars website for car rentals; Kickstart your journey by visiting Binicars website dedicated to car hire in Menorca. From the comfort of your home you can browse their selection of vehicles ranging from compact cars perfect for solo travelers to spacious SUVs ideal for families or groups. Both options are available with Binicars car hire at Mahon Airport and Calan Porter.
  1. Search and Reserve Your Vehicle; Once you've chosen the set of wheels for your journey, booking is very simple. With a few clicks you can confirm your reservation. Have peace of mind knowing that your transportation needs are sorted.
  1. Find Binicars Staff, at Menorca Airport; Upon your arrival, at Menorca Airport be sure to watch for the welcoming team from Binicars. They will be there to greet you warmly and provide you with the keys, to the vehicle you've selected.
  1. We only require you to get ready with your keys and the necessary papers before driving away with your car rental at menorca airport, which will be accompanied by a very quick transaction that will provide all of them. Binicars ensures that there is no time wasted enabling you to experience the thrill of driving on Menorca roads immediately after hiring a car at Menorca Airport from them.
  1. During Your Whole Stay: The freedom provided by renting from Binicars means you can drive around Menorca for as long as you want. For example, if you feel like taking a leisurely coastal drive or perhaps exploring the heart of the island region, it is your choice.
  1. Drop Off at Car Anywhere You Want: All you need to do when your trip in Menorca is over is just dropping off the rental car in a place that suits you best, whether it is returning it to Menorca Airport or any other designated location as per your choice. This makes possible for people who are using Binicars.
  1. Pay Through Your Preferred Payment Method: Paying for your rental fees has never been easier; with Binicars it can be done through various methods such as debit card or credit card options available with flexibility. Whichever method of payment suits you either Debit or Credit Card among others, our system offers some flexibility so that one does not experience any stress during this period.

Rent A Car In Calan Porter:

If you choose to explore Calan Porter’s scenic resort town, Rent a car at calan porter with Binicars convenient car hire services and calm your fears of inconvenience while visiting such places already outlined above though following simple stages like those above should have one ready to start touring this town. It's just about following these same easy steps and hitting the road to unveil what secrets lie within CalanPorter

In short Binicars Menorca Car Hire Service is beyond only renting a vehicle. It grants freedom to discover Menorca's marvels on your schedule. Simple booking, airport pick-up convenience, and diverse vehicles make Binicars your trusty island adventure supporter. Plan a peaceful beach escape or action-filled exploration of Menorca's secret treasures - Binicars is your guide. With them, your Menorcan journey starts upon arrival.

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